Stories From People With Bodies Like Ours

Our stories are varied, but often the threads are common. One of the biggest issues that is heard from others like us is regarding the shame and secrecy that surrounded being born with a unique body. One issue confronted often is we thought we were the only one.

“No one else is like us,” or so we are often led to believe.

But that’s not true. We are many, and we have many stories to share. Some of the common threads are isolation, inability to trust, shame, and confusion. The medical community has historically kept many truths of genital ambiguity from the patient and their families. Many in the medical community continue to hide the truth for reasons that are as varied as ourselves. Their aim was, and is protection for all involved.

The facts and outcomes are complicated and as varied as each individual born with ambiguous genitalia.

This is a personal space where you can learn about others with bodies like ours, and share you own story. Whether you born with atypical genitals, or love someone who was, have a child born this way, or a member of the medical community, this is a place for you to read of other’s experiences and share your own. Learning often is preceeded by sharing and listening. It is hoped you will do both here.

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