Transgender Therapy: The Miracle Transformation


Transgender therapy

Nowadays, due to the lack of enough information, many people believe that being transgender means having a disease or simply not being normal. As a matter of fact, being a transgender implies an identity disturbance which is characterized by manifesting the strong wish to be a part of the opposed gender.

For instance, a person who was identified as pertaining to the feminine gender at birth, who lived and who was perceived by others as a being from the feminine gender category, can have the wish to be known and considered a male.

In the case where this aspiration is strong and persistent, there will be some changes taking place, from changing the way she or he dresses up until surgical interventions. All this is the result of this strong feeling of pertaining to the opposite gender category. In other words, such an individual will choose to live in style pertaining to the gender he or she wishes to be part of.

Surveys show that one man out of 100.000 wishes to be a woman and one woman out of 400.000 wishes to be a man. In England, things seem to be different, as one man out of 30.000 wants to be a woman and one woman out of 100.000 wishes to be a man.

The aspects regarding transgender people have been noticed through ought the entire humanity’s history and many societies have dealt with it. The progress made in the past decades in medical sciences have eased all this transition from one gender to another with the help of surgical interventions and certain hormones. Apart from the well-known hormones, such as testosterone, experts have also brought forward certain steroids, which represent the synthetic alternative to the traditional hormones. These are meant to increase the effects, so that the patient can faster get what he or she wants, that is, a complete gender transition. Before going deeper into this therapy aspect, let us take a look at how does a transgender manifests itself.

Puberty seems to be a key point

The vast majority of transgender people confess they feel a certain repulsion, before puberty, towards the gender they were born in. Also, these individuals do not find any pleasure at all remembering the puberty period, due to the changes their bodies were going through and how difficult it was for them to cope with everything going on.

It is believed that around puberty, most transgender people are establishing their sexual orientation and they wish to reduce as much as possible and also to transform the specific traits of the gender they were born in.

There are some cases where the repulsion felt towards the pertaining gender is noticed starting from very young ages. For instance, for a little boy, this feeling can be manifested by wearing skirts or dresses, he can play with dolls, etc. You get the point. According to scientific studies, male gender individuals who have such inclinations manifested from really young ages, are more susceptible to being gay, rather than being transgender.

The transition process

All this transition process from one gender to another involves social, medical and judicial measures. The social ones deal with the wish of changing the name with another one specific for the chosen gender. Also, this social change has to do with choosing other clothes to wear and expressing certain gestures which are specific for the gender towards which the transition takes place.

The judicial changes are related to the fact that many of the transgender people have issues with authorities within the process of legal identification with the new name and gender.

And last, but certainly not least, the medical steps in this transition process comprise hormonal therapies and surgical interventions which take great part in getting to that look as much alike as possible with the chosen gender.

An overview of the surgical intervention

In order to give the transgender diagnose, many difficulties are showing up, because, apart from the detailed clinical tests and the physical one, the patient will also undergo a very detailed psychological evaluation. After the individual has passed through all these tests, he can now start all the formalities towards making the surgical intervention.

Generally speaking, most patients ask for this intervention at the end of their teenagehood and the beginning of their adulthood, but one thing needs to be mentioned and it has to do with no maximum age limit in gender change.

The sexual instincts of transgender people are as normal as the ones pertaining to individuals with normal sexuality. There are many cases were frustration and depression bump in because a significant part of transgender people already have a sexual partner when they show up for the surgical intervention. It is essential to notice that these people, most of the time, do not involve themselves in gay activities.

There are few cases where this surgical intervention is also made on older adults. This is mostly due to the fact that they do not have enough medical or scientific information regarding the gender changing aspect. When they learn enough details, and they see for themselves that the possibility is valid, they start all the necessary formalities.

The pill therapy

Apart from the surgical intervention, which plays a major role in this whole gender changing process, these patients must also follow a specific hormonal therapy. This represents an essential part of the process, after the surgery and its most important role is to stimulate the development of certain traits pertaining to the chosen gender.

Of course, not every patient will react accordingly to this therapy, but there are many other alternatives, as in surgeries, to help them get what they really want. For instance, if a hormonal therapy does not help the patient to change the voice tonality, there are high chances that they will turn to certain surgeries which can help them get what they want. Motivation plays a major role in this.

To get a clearer picture of this therapy and everything related to it, one needs to understand that the medication recommended for gender transition can have many powerful effects. Apart from the well-known testosterone, scientists have also made the synthetic alternative to it. An excellent example of such a testosterone replacement is nandrolone, known as an artificial anabolic-androgenic steroid. Quite fancy words, but what is most important is the way these pills interact with the human body.

So the effects are similar to the testosterone ones, and some experts have stated that there are some quite significant advantages, regarding the skin and hair. For instance, excessive body hair growth or scalp hair loss are some of the side effects that this synthetic steroid will not allow happening. However, when dealing with a transition from female to male, these effects can somehow make the whole process a little more difficult, but not impossible.

All in all, one thing is certain: medical sciences have developed in such a way that nowadays everything seems to be possible, even going from female to male or vice versa. Nothing is to blame here and nobody, in particular. We do not choose the way we are born, and if we have the chance to become what we really feel and want to, nobody is entitled to judge or even say something in this respect.

Transgender Pride Flag

Transgender people also have a soul and judgment, and they should be really appreciated for having the guts to undergo such transformations just to become what they have always felt to become. And if this implies taking steroids and not knowing completely how the body will react, well, they should be even more complemented by the risks they are willing to take.

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