Phentermine Benefits and Side Effects: Why Should You Care?


Phentermine is a pill used by many to lose weight, and a doctor must prescribe it alongside a diet plan and an exercise plan for obesity caused by different causes. It was first introduced on the market in 1959 and is used in the production of many supplements for weight loss like Fen-Phen, Phenq, but unfortunately, it was taken off the market because of a large number of serious side-effects.

Phentermine works as an appetite suppressant, and it is classified as an anorectic which means that it will diminish a person’s appetite after it is ingested. The mechanism that stands behind the weight loss is a release of brain chemicals which manipulate the brain by sending signals that of fullness and this will lead to eating less food and in the end weight loss. The pill can also reduce the absorption of fats, and this means the ingested fats will not be metabolized. This drug is classified as a Schedule IV drug, and this type of drugs are one of the most abused pills in the world. Specialists say that the risk of abuse with Phentermine is quite low, but despite this fact, people who use this drug are warned that anorectic medications like Phentermine can quickly become an addiction especially for people who are very preoccupied with losing weight and for this reason the pill is prescribed for a maximum 12 weeks. Also, Phentermine is being prescribed for a short period because of the potential side effects, becoming used to the pill which will make it ineffective or merely losing its effectiveness.

There are a few things a person on treatment with Phentermine for weight loss can do to make sure the results maximum and the weight loss is healthy. One thing a person on phentermine treatment can do is to drink enough water. Water is essential for a well-functioning body, a boosted metabolism, water also helps burn fats, or it can give the sensation of fullness quicker. Drinking enough water is vital for everyone whether you want to lose weight or not but, for those who want to lose weight it is even more important to make sure the body loses the well-known water weight which is caused by the body holding on to water to make sure the body is hydrated, and this leads to some extra pounds. When the body receives enough water, it doesn’t have to hold on to the “supply” of water, and this will automatically lead to a weight loss. A side effect of using phentermine is a dry mouth, and this side effect can be alleviated by drinking enough water.

Exercising is recommended by lots of people primarily by specialists when they prescribe Phentermine treatments to obese patients. Exercise is crucial for a healthy life not only for obese people but for people who are thin too. By exercising not only helps get rid of fat in problematic spots, but it also helps gain muscle mass, it reduces stress and gives a feeling of happiness because of the hormones released when exercising. There are a lot of types of exercise which you can choose from to make sure you enjoy the exercise program, and this includes aerobics, dancing, cycling, jogging, weight-bearing exercises or even yoga. One thing is sure: no matter what type of activity you choose to do it will potentiate the effects of the weight loss pill and can bring benefits to your mental health as well.

Having a healthy diet is also very important to make sure the weight loss will be present when taking Phentermine. It is said that you must not eat less than 1,200 calories per day because if you do so, the body will begin holding on to fat reserves rather than burning fats. Healthy food will help lose weight faster and more healthily because your metabolism will run smoothly rather than trying to compensate for what your body is not receiving or in case your body is receiving much more than it needs. A healthy diet includes fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, proteins, and fibers which should come from equal portions of food; this will boost the effect of Phentermine and also bring many other benefits to your health. By eating healthy comes another way to maximize the impact of Phentermine and this is possible because these foods make the urinary PH more alkaline which means that the kidneys excrete only 48 percent of the Phentermine dose, unlike the acidic urinary PH where 84 percent of the treatment of Phentermine is discharged. This proves how your diet can affect the effects of the pill.

All of the tips presented above will lead to a maximized effect of the weight loss pill, Phentermine. But every person who wants to use this pill must keep in mind that it is not recommended to take it without consulting a specialist who will also give a diet plan, an exercise plan, the dosage of the pill and will make sure the risk of presenting side effects is minimal. So, for maximum results in weight loss when using Phentermine, combine taking the pill with a balanced diet, drink a lot of water and exercise. These suggestions will not only potentiate the effects of the pill but they bring a lot of other benefits, and these habits should continue even after you lost the weight and finished the treatment.

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