Cannabis Can Bring Relief to Your Guts


In these days we are living in, where society continually asks of us to act on full speed so that we can reach up to some superficial expectations of those leading us, there are many times when we simply forget about taking care of ourselves. We lack our bodies of sleep and that so much needed rest, we concentrate only on doing our jobs, and we are bound to reach a certain point where we simply forget to eat.

Recent surveys reveal that a significant number of people are dealing with severe digestive problems caused by chaotic eating habits. It is a common thing to notice people who, just because they see that their bodies can function even with little amounts of unhealthy foods, they keep on making the same gastronomic mistakes. This refers to the fact that they cannot see beyond their superficial necessities of becoming a part of this chaotic society which we are living in, and so they forget about what matters the most: their health.

cannabis cake digestive system

Indeed, time is a rare thing these days, but it is not impossible to organize your stuff in such a manner that can allow you to nurture your system correctly. Our bodies need to eat, need to be provided with vitamins, minerals and other substances which can support them in maintaining a healthy and balanced functioning activity of all the systems comprising this incredible machinery, the human body that is.

What you need to know about the digestive system

There are a lot of things which one could say about the way in which each food we ingest is digested. However, we are not in the anatomy class here so that you will get a general overview of this matter. Therefore, to put out simply: once you ingest a particular food, a quite impressive journey begins. There are several organs taking part in the food’s digestion, such as the stomach, the intestines, etc. However, it is important to mention that the liver is the first organ starting to work on the food you have just swallowed.

The liver is like the body’s bodyguard because it sort of checks the food up by looking for any toxic or damaging substance. After this process takes place, the trip moves forward. Once the food reaches the intestines, there is a whole complex process going on in here.

Know your guts’ bacteria

Have you ever wondered what are those gut bacteria every doctor talks about when recommending you to take care of your digestion? Well, you should know that every human body’s guts host both healthy and unhealthy bacteria. The main idea to bear in mind is that one needs to maintain these bacteria in a particularly healthy balance so that you do not have more goods than bads. This means that to enjoy a healthy digestive process, you need to possess similar amounts of healthy and harmful gut bacteria.

Nowadays, there are several ways through which one can work on achieving this, but most specialists are talking these days about probiotics. Either you choose to take them naturally from certain foods or your dietary supplements, one thing is sure: you do need them to give your body a hand. So now you know what you can do for keeping a healthy digestive system running. However, we feel the need to mention also another quite exciting alternative which is medical marijuana. Ever heard about how cannabis can support your guts’ health?

Give your body a healthy cocktail of probiotics and cannabis

Does this sound a little too much for you? Well, you are entitled to feel this way, as this whole cannabis for your guts’ health sake is quite a new matter being brought to the public’s eye. Apart from the numerous health benefits, this herb can provide for the human body; cannabis can also play a significant role in protecting your digestive system from any disturbances.[1]

The most accurate explanation to back up this statement deals with the fact that the human body’s intestinal tract comprises up to 80% of your immune system and it is also a body’s area where numerous cannabinoid receptors exist.

This is important to be beard in mind because once you provide cannabis for your body, there are several reactions taking place between the herb’s cannabinoids and the cannabinoid receptors existing within your entire body. Therefore, one can easily understand the vast number of interactions taking place within the digestive tract, as most of the immune system’s elements are found here.

Nausea and guts’ inflammation have no chance of cannabis

We are not the only ones saying this; there are several scientific types of research backing this statement up. Dealing with nausea, caused either by the well-known side effects of chemotherapy or by other conditions, such as overeating of fat foods, can lead to severe digestive problems. The most common one is making you vomit which severely affects your whole gastrointestinal tract. Cannabis, first of all, brings relief to your central nervous system, which is profoundly disturbed by nausea’s effects. This means that your whole endocannabinoid system will be rebalanced so that your body can better manage that strong urge you have to vomit when feeling actively nauseous.[2]

Referring to the inflammatory processes through which your intestines can go through, medical marijuana can successfully take part in either preventing them or in treating them when no other traditional treatment seems to do the work. There are quite frequent the cases where people deal with the irritable bowel syndrome, caused by unhealthy eating habits. Cannabis was scientifically proved to have considerable effects on helping the human body to better cope with this condition.

Therefore, if you are in need of something else to help you work on the way your digestive system is functioning, you should add to your probiotics a “pinch” of medical marijuana. It can do wonders!

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