Better Sex with Cannabis: Myth or Reality


Everybody wants to have a quality sex life, as we were created to do this. We need to release all the sexual tension from within our bodies so that we can be able to live a stress-free life, with no pressures to bear. Somebody once said that nowadays people are less healthy because they make less sex, or they do have sex, but at a poorer quality rate. Should this be true or not, in this present article we are going to give you a detailed image of how can one plant, cannabis that is, can effectively improve your sex life.

Could this be possible? Could this plant do the job? Well, it seems our ancestors did think so, as the cannabis plant was frequently used as an aphrodisiac in many ceremonies every time people complained about their intimate life going bad. So this herb was used many rituals that had quite amazing results, regarding making both the man and the woman regain sexual appetite and a healthy balance in their intimate life.

What are the effects?

First of all, it is important to understand that any amount of CBD or THC can have different reactions with the female and with a masculine body. It makes all the sense in the world that distinct effects can be noticed, as women’s systems are different than the men’s ones.

It is very well known that women are bound to experience more frequently nervous breakdowns or issues with their nervous system, as this is the way their bodies were created. Therefore, when a woman’s body is administered certain rates of either CBD or THC, do not expect to notice similar reactions in a man’s body. Certain scientific studies revealed that excessive amounts of cannabis would not interfere in any way with the sexual appetite of a woman. This, however, is not valid when talking about how a man reacts to high amounts of it, regarding their sexual appetite. In fact, it has been noticed that men might suffer a decrement in their sexual desire if they take too much of it, in comparison with women, who might even increase their appetite.

Female sexual enhancement with cannabinoids

There is a strong interest shown regarding how women function in their sexual area, so to say and researchers are still trying to figure out the deepest corners of it. However, the information we have at our disposal nowadays is quite interesting, especially when talking about the connection between cannabis’ consumption and sexual appetite.

One particular study carried out was able to point out some impressive results which could make us reconsider how cannabis can indeed help women improve their sex lives.

female cannabis

So this experiment focused on observing how the female brain reacts to explicit pornographic content before and after the body has been administered specific amounts of cannabis, THC especially. The essential idea to be beard in mind is that their reaction was entirely dependent on the cannabinoid they received, as after giving to their bodies THC, their response to pornographic videos was far more significant.

So what these results lead to is the idea that the female endocannabinoid system is can significantly influence the sexual appetite. This means that cannabinoid receptors need to be stimulated by external cannabinoids so that the reactions which take place can have a thing or two to say in impacting the sexual activity.

Men can benefit as well

Male bodies can very well benefits, also, from providing specific rates of cannabinoids to their bodies, even though we are talking about different management of the standards recommended. It is not like you need to take a specific amount, at a particular time, like in the case of regular medication. It is all about experimenting and testing different types of strains and what better way to do this, if not with your partner?

male cannabis

As it was mentioned previously, more care should be given to the amounts of cannabinoids that men administer to their bodies, as if they take too much of it can bring quite unpleasant effects in the bedroom. Therefore, it is all about choosing the right amounts for the right moments. By doing so, you may consider that you have made the right decision in avoiding sexual issues, like low sexual appetite or premature ejaculation, from damaging your relationship.

Better sex, better health

When we get to that point where we can say that we are living a healthy life, we mean that we are experiencing several positive aspects of our life. These refer to several “fields,” and a crucial one is related to the sexual life, this intimate “branch” of life that can bring so many influences to our general state.

Several studies have pointed out that cannabis consumption can distress relationships, as the nervous system is positively affected by the number of cannabinoids we provide for the body. For instance, high CBD rates in cannabis strains can efficiently work on improving the way our brain functions, regarding relieving it from all the stress that daily life brings along. This eventually leads to a better experience of the whole lovemaking process, because stress is believed to represent the number one enemy of high-quality intimate life.

Moreover, it has been revealed that certain cannabinoids existing within the cannabis plant can successfully support the brain in releasing oxytocin, this hormone believed to be responsible for happiness and bonding. Also, it seems that this hormone can very well bring significant relief to women while giving birth.

Reaching orgasm is something everybody seeks, and it also helps with the oxytocin release. To achieve orgasm, you need no stress and no tension, whatsoever. This is precisely what cannabinoids can do for you, and so you might want to give cannabis a try!

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