Protect Your Rights

Here are some ideas for action items you can do to make sure intersex people don’t lose their rights if a constitutional amendment is adopted to prohibit same sex marriage:

  1. Write to your elected officials:Ask them how they define one man and one woman for the sake of marriage. Explain that not all people fall into a clearly defined binary. Just put in your zip code and you’ll find contact information for your representatives in Washington. Click here for writing guidelines and sample letters you can cut and paste.
  2. If you have non-standard chromosomes and are planning a marriage, whether heterosexual or homosexual, consider filing for relief with your state court if they have legislation restricting marriage to “one man-one woman” or between a male and female. In this ask them to please outline what they mean by the term, their definition of male/female, and how it affects you. This would be especially effective if you are planning a heterosexual marriage. It would also be effective for those with a mosaic chromosomal make-up entering any type of marriage. We are working on having an attorney write up some sample petitions you can use if you would like to do this. Please remember that we are not lawyers and don’t play one on the internet either; please consult your own counsel for proper legal advice.This would be a very effective way to challenge the nonsense of legislation trying to define us.

  3. Write letters to the editor of your local paper. This is a very effective and easy way to advocate for a cause that is currently in the news. Click here for some samples you can cut and paste (coming soon)

  4. Support your gay, lesbian, trans and bi friends and neighbors in their fight for marriage equality. Double those efforts for intersex people who identify as gay, lesbian, trans or bisexual. If this battle is lost for them, it will have dire consequences in our community regardless of sexual orientation.

  5. Register to vote and then do it.:
    Every voice counts.When you register to vote or make a change to your current registration (address, party affiliation, etc) at Bodies Like Ours, you’ll also be supporting our efforts to eliminate shame and secrecy.
  6. Donate to Bodies Like Ours and help us the lead the fight to insure that rights for intersex people are not taken away in an effort to legislate definitions of male and female for the sake of marriage.

  7. Learn more about this issue and what other organizations are doing. Some resources that we like:
    • Soulforce
    • More coming soon. If you would like see an organization listed here, please send us a URL.