Our Programs


We have a series of handouts we make available free of charge to interested organizations and individuals. These handouts are written in a way that makes bodies like ours more visible and less shrouded in shame and secrecy. They are targeted to what we call our “Tell 5” initiative. Read more about Tell5!

We also offer speakers and workshops to organizations wishing to learn more about people with bodies like ours. We speak at colleges and universities as part of their learning curriculum. We conduct several workshops each year around the nation to teach other activists about the issues we face. Recent speaking and workshop events include Sex Week at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, NOW National Conference, PFLAG, and NGLTF’s Creating Change, among many others too numerous to mention. You can read about most, if not all on our Recent Events page. Our workshops are dynamic, and are tailored individually to the hosting organization’s needs. See if we have anything coming soon to your area.

For information on schedulinga speaker for your organizationplease visit our speaker’s bureau page.

On our website, we maintain informational resources for people affected by atypical genitalia and their families. This includes referral to medical and mental health providers in their area. Additionally, we post research papers and news items that are of interest to patients and their families, the medical community and the legal community. Most of these are in an easily downloadable format for printing and use as teaching tools.

Most events we attend are without charge to the hosting organization.


During our public speaking engagements and workshops, we work with others that have bodies like ours to help them gain the courage to speak out and lift the curtain of shame and secrecy surrounding their bodies. Often, these encounters are the first time some people are speaking with and meeting others with a body like theirs. This first step in healing is a powerful force, and these people often become outspoken activists themselves. We also counsel others like ourselves and their families via e-mail and phone in a peer-support realm.

Peer Support

We maintain message boards and a chat area. We encourage all we come in contact with to utilize them to help alleviate their isolation resulting from years of shame and secrecy. Through these boards, friendships are built and nurtured in a nonjudgmental, accepting way. Eventually, we hope to expand our peer-support services to support group meetings wherever there are interested parties. Visit our community.

We have also launched a new youth initiative called Queer Bodies. Queer Bodies is for and about young people between the ages of 16-25. It is created by young intersexed advocates with the goal of helping to erase the shame, secrecy, and stigma felt by their intersexed peers. Visit Queer Bodies on the web.

Combined, these programs further awareness of the community we are part of, and live in. By breaking down the barriers of isolation that so many feel when they are born in such a unique way, we hope to further society’s understanding.