Links to other organizations

QueerBodies — An intersex youth initiative of Bodies Like Ours

ISNA — Intersex Society of North America

GenderPac — Gender Equality and a major supporter of people with Bodies Like Ours

Dr. Milton Diamond — The website of Dr. Milton Diamond, one of the first and one of the leading researchers in the issues we face with Bodies Like Ours.

MRKH — Support and Resources for girls and women born with Mayer Rokitansky Syndrome (MRKH) MRKH is also known as vaginal agenesis

IFAS — International Foundation of Androgynous Studies. The foundation’s studies include aspects of endocrinology, urology, pediatrics, surgery, psychiatry, clinical psychology, genetics, law, politics, history
and education.

AIS Support Group/Australia — A peer support, information and advocacy group for people affected by AIS and/or related intersex conditions, and their families

AIS Support Group — Support and a wealth of information for those interested in Androgen Insensitivity SyndromeFinland Intersex Support Group Support and information in Finnish. A project of a Pediatric Surgeon from Finland. In Finnish.

Kindred Spirits — A website blending a unique perspective of intersex, transexualism, and spirituality. The site host is an intersexed person who has transitioned.

Lynnell Stephani Long — Personal website of intersex activist Lynnell Stephani Long

Portland Intersex Initiative — A site and resource for intersex people living in the Portland, OR area. They have a ton of great information there and it’s definitely worth a visit, even if you don’t live in Portland, OR

Survivor Project — For survivors of domestic abuse, with a focus on intersex victims.

XX-Frauen — A comprehensive website for AIS and other intersex information. In German

Hermafrodytyzm — A site about intersexuality in Poland. In Polish.

Gendys Network — UK site dealing with gender identity issues.