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Want to present a workshop or write a paper? Contribute to studies that others are doing? This is where you will find out what else is going on in your world. Handouts that you can also print out for your organization(s) are included below.

  • Most one time events are listed on our calendar page at Upcoming Events.

  • Speak out in support of Same-Sex Marriage. Whether you identify at heterosexual or homosexual, it is important that you help fight constitutional amendments banning marriage for gays and lesbians. Such bans could have dire and unwanted effects on the intersex community regardless of orientation or status. Read more.
  • Day of ActionOctober 26, 2004. People with intersex conditions and our allies are working together to create the first-ever (inter)national day of grass-roots action to end shame, secrecy and unwanted genital cosmetic surgeries on intersex children. Yes, we mean you–we want your input! We intend to create a “day of action” similar to Take Back the Night, National Coming Out Day, or International Women’s Day in that it will focus on grass-roots action organized by local activists.The “day” does not belong to any particular group, but it is for all of us who are concerned about the treatment of intersex children in our society. The goal is to raise awareness of intersex issues across a broad spectrum of communities.The process is open to everyone. This project is endorsed (but not controlled) jointly by Bodies Like Ours, and Intersex Initiative under the umbrella of the Intersex Awareness Day consortium.Please visit the planning websiteYou can also print out some handouts (PDF) to distribute in your community. Print on both sides of the page and then cut into quarters.

Other handouts that you can use. All of these are PDFs:

Conferences, papers, studies, etc:

  • Consequences of Gender Reinforcement on Children, Adolescents and Young Adults with Intersex Conditions or Gender Dysphoria in the UK. Please note this study is only open to participants from the UK. For Michell O’Brien, PhD candidate, University of Surrey Roehampton. See the Call for Participants (PDF) and Release Call (PDF)

  • Intersex: The Ethics and Realities of Sex Assignment (provisional title) Call for participants: I have been commissioned by Berg Publishers, Oxford to write a book titled Intersex: The Ethics and Realities of Sex Assignment. I specifically want my book to be based on the testimonials of intersexed individuals , and I am determined that it should be readable, informative and written with integrity and care.I aim to produce an accurate accessible account of the range of conditions defined by the term intersex; the variety of individuals who are (at least in part) described by that term; and the variety of ‘treatments’ offered.The book will not be illustrated. My research to date (and my instinct) tells me that it would be medically unhelpful and ethically problematic to use photographic images.As well as clinical, biological and statistical information (my research for this is at an advanced stage), the book will most importantly reference personally conducted interviews, and I am writing to you to ask for assistance (if appropriate) with my primary research. I would like to interview(i) intersexed individuals
    (ii) parents of intersexed infants and adults
    (iii) the medical practitioners who encounter and treat them.
    If you, or somebody you know, can help me in any way with this research, I invite you to contact me by email at [email protected] or by phone on 07960 755576.I will treat any material in strictest confidence, and respect anonymity if that is requested. Dr. Catherine Harper

If you are a researcher doing legitimate research in the area of intersex, and would like to be listed here, please let us know. Please note, your work must be of a professional nature towards the earning of an advanced degree or towards the publishing of a peer approved study.

We generally do not accomodate personal requests from undergrad students because we feel there is adequate information available freely on the internet and elsewhere.